"I want to thank you and Bruce again for the dedication and sincerity with which you defended our case.  Day after day, I was amazed with the level of in-depth knowledge you commanded of our case and impressed with the strategies you employed in our defense.  Our family could not have asked for a better team than you two.  I thank God for bringing us to you guys."
     Jae Woo Kim, Owner, General Tool, Inc.

“Gary Goodstein is one of the most competent and professional business litigators in Los Angeles, period, end of story. He has the complete package: ability to get along with judges, ability to communicate to juries, ability to prepare a case completely and with an eye towards winning. You cannot go wrong hiring him.”
     Bob Brennan, Owner, Brennan, Wiener & Assoc.

“We have found Bruce Berman to be very professional, pragmatic and highly effective. He has a very good understanding of contracting law and is able to convey that thru his services. Bruce understands and diligently follows through with any pending matters and answers all of our questions knowledgably. We enjoy working with Bruce and recommend his legal services highly.”
     Vic Balouzian, Owner, Zodiac Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Gary is phenomenal...simple as that. It takes talent and care and patience to understand where a legal need comes from, what its goal is, and where it may be headed. Gary does a fantastic job of clearing the air and advising strategically for an outcome everyone can be comfortable with.   Gary has performed legal services for several of my clients and a few non-profits and has always exceeded expectations.   His level of professionalism is second to none; he is thorough and dedicated; he is the one you want on your side.

     Rick Mark, President and CEO, VIP Autoworx, Inc.

“Gary is a master of persuasion in both his written and verbal presentations. As a lawyer, these are pretty darn good traits to have at your fingertips.”
     Jeffrey Krivis, Lawyer/Mediator, First Mediation Corporation

"Team Work: That is what you can count on with Goodstein & Berman LLP.  As a young company it is crucial that we build a strong team with members who are dependable, efficient, and hard-working and most importantly who can play through to the last second. Goodstein & Berman took the time to truly understand the different dynamics of our industry, our goals and objectives. They fight hard with the utmost professionalism, are dependable, great strategists and communicators.  They are true team players--an important component to a winning enterprise."
     Ingrid Penuela, Co-Owner,Volcano Produce, Inc.

“Gary combines uncommon good sense with a keen understanding of the law and how it is applied. Gary is the first person I go to for advice, legal counsel and sanity checks on the many regulatory and contractual issues related to running and owning complex businesses.”
     Dean Frost, Owner, Elizabeth Shutters, Inc.

"Bruce Berman takes a personal interest in the lives of his clients.  He took time to listen to what was important to me regarding my cause of action.  Upon accepting my case, Bruce consistently communicated with me in a timely manner and kept me abreast of relevant developments.  I would not hesitate consulting with Bruce Berman again should the need arise."  
     Teresa Iniguez

Gary is a rare individual who can combine knowledge of the law, compassion for his client and the attitude of pursuing his client's best interest at the same time. If you are seeking to hire a litigator, Gary is your man.

     Doron Tisser, Estate Planning and Tax Attorney, Tisser & Standing LLP

“Gary is a great person to know and I am tremendously thankful for Gary's insight, expertise, and attention to detail. Several years ago Gary reviewed (and thoroughly rewrote) a technology contract and licensing agreement for me.  His comments on the proposed contract (which were as long as the contract itself) pointed out a huge number of disadvantages that I had completely missed. Gary saw the subtle 'gotchas' from the other attorney and was able to clarify how those clauses could be used against me. Many years later, when the true content of a good (or bad) contract is usually discovered, I was happily thanking (praising) Gary for saving my intellectual property works in those original rewrites. To top it off, he's a really nice guy too. I highly recommend Gary and consider him a true professional.”
     Rob Rampley, Owner, Media Overkill

Gary, to put is simply, has been amazing. My extremely high opinion of him is elevated each time we meet and each time I have the opportunity and pleasure to refer matters to him. Without exception, I receive glowing feedback from my clients.

     Adam D.H. Grant, Shareholder, Alpert, Barr & Grant

“Goodstein & Berman's attorneys are knowledgeable on numerous aspects of the law. I have used their services for issues that have included personnel matters and contractual law. They are prompt, thorough and honest.”
     Ted Huntington, Owner, The Marketing Mogul, Inc.

“I have used Goodstein & Berman's services on several occasions and they have always come through with tremendous results, and if they feel they know a colleague that has better specialized credentials than they do in a particular area they will not hesitate to steer me in that direction, also with the same tremendous results.”
     Robert Grey, Owner, Greytsounds Sound Development

“I had the opportunity to work with Gary as co-counsel on a very difficult litigation. Gary worked very hard and contributed significantly to the favorable outcome of the case. I am more than happy to recommend Gary as an able and diligent attorney.”
     Dirk Julander, Owner, Julander, Brown & Bollard

“I had the pleasure of opposing Gary in litigation a few years ago. I found Gary to be an extremely bright and personable attorney who operated with a high level of integrity. It is not often that I would recommend a lawyer who I have met on the field of battle, but I am happy to recommend Gary.”
     Sean McGee, Senior Attorney, Bridgford & Geason

“Gary uses his heart as well as his head. He's exceptionally bright, personable and talented as an attorney. I'd want him representing me for a legal battle. What is unique about Gary is his ability to discover the "silver bullet" in your case.”
     Deborah Shames, Owner, Eloqui

“Gary, Bruce and I worked together for several years in the same law firm. They are both excellent attorneys, nice people and good friends. I strongly recommend Gary and Bruce if you are in need of legal advice or representation.”
     Andrew Williams, Partner, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

“In the more than 20 years I’ve known Gary, he’s always proven to be hard-working, reliable and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs an aggressive defense lawyer to handle complex commercial, real estate, insurance or employment litigation.”
     Mark D. Swedelson, Owner, GSA


NOTE: These testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction concerning the outcome of your legal matter.